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what’s it like to be back after being away for 7 months?

“what’s it like to be back after being away for 7 months?” people ask me.


To most Americans, the rest of the world doesn’t exist. Therefore, to me, the US is quaint like a village cut off from the rest of the world.


Example: the pilot and crew of the plane that hit some birds and landed in the Hudson River are all over the news. Everyone loves them and praises them UTB. Its like that’s it for Americans. They don’t want to hear about the rest of the world. This is their world. How fucking precious.

Everything is precious here and they wouldn’t have it any other way.


Its dirty, crowded, cramped and noisy.

Things I like:

  • i like being in my apt building where me, my sis and my best friend live in diff apts so we go from one apt to the other kinda like on seinfeld; small apts, but they’re comfortable. even if my cat seems to have forgotten who i am.
  • its easy to get work here; i have 10+ years of former cowerkers who love me to ping to see if anyone knows of any IA jobs and so far, a few have.
  • good food! ordered thai and indian so far.
  • when u order food the ppl on the other end of the phone speak good english even if its their second language.
  • TV – even if there’s nothing on, its mostly in english
  • i dont have to get american idol and lost from bittorrents
  • i can use my iphone without being charged an arm and a leg
  • i have friends i can see if i want to when i come out of hiding
  • i have uncensored innertubes access unlike this (not that i look at pr0n)
  • the booze (vino) flows freely at dinner and anytime!!!

Things I don’t like:

  • I don’t want to answer my phone or leave my sis’ apt; I don’t care to see the ‘hood I’ve had to see for the past 20 years. Slowly i’ll start going out to see ppl tomorrow. 😦
    I’d rather just hide out here tho.
  • I don’t like that the garage next door has those air lifts to store cars on and they are loud as f*ck.

buh-bye, dubai!

i’m back in nyc now.

end of blog.

or when i get my thoughts together, maybe i’ll write some reflective prose on what i learned from this experience.

m gonna miss my friends inka and luis:

flickr fotos from 6 months in dubai (and visits to beirut, abu dhabi, sharjah and maldives) –> HERE <–.

m sad to be leaving dubai

M surprisingly sad 2 b leaving dubai… dunno why its kinda boring… and i’ve been itchin to get back to NYC or somewhere where there are high strung spazzy nerdy ppl like me.

but i’ve grown fond of the sun and desert and ocean and nice arabs ppls here.

i want to come back next ramadan to visit inka and luis (my only friends here).

m goin home in 2 days!