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i got my return ticket home

ticket home is for sat. feb 7, 2009… am kinda glad but kinda not and kinda apathetic…
i dont know what to do w/ myself next… not sure i wanna stay in nyc… but dont know where else to go… is this mid-life crisis?

me and a falon in a burka on my arm

foto by inka,

camels, falcons and al satwa

went looking for the camel race course. someone told us it moved inland.
then we went to al satwa, a non-posh ‘hood where real ppl live and feels like a real neighborhood. we like that.

another nice visit to sharjah and went to xcellent local restaurant in dubai

sharjah’s interesting.
went to the sharjah museum of islamic civilization and the sharjah heritage museum. an emiratii gal working at one of the museums brought us tea when we were simply sitting trying to decide where to go next. it was really very gracious.
traffic and signage sucked getting there, b forewarned.
on way back, stopped at abu ali, a lebanese place near emiratii ‘hoods here in dubai that someone recommended. its most excellent. not uptight and fake and mall-like (or “like an airport restaurant” as Inka says). its like emiratiis hanging out, men and women. a kuwait-oman f00tball game was on and everyone was glued to the flat screen tv’s and cheered when which ever team won. it was interesting to see ppl in the stadium on the tv wearing face paint and crazy wigs like ppl do at football games in the US. (they apparently dont kno how cheesy that is)(well, they’re havin fun who cares). upstairs at abu ali there’s a live band every night. dont know what kind of music, but we’ll go back to see. it was 9pm and they were setting up. ppl here are night ppl. as we were leaving after 9pm a family w/ kids was coming in.
we’ll go back on thurs i think.

went to jumeirah beach park today

isnt this the cutest thing you’ve ever seen?

Camel Couple foto by ELHAJIS, a random flickr person.
i love camels. they are so cute. i just want to hug them when i see them.
i regret i couldnt go to the camel competition/festival in dec; it was a 4 hr drive into western the western abu dhabi emirate. maybe i can come back next year to go to it.

my friend maren’s pics from when she visited

in case u cant get enuf of betty, the pics from my friend maren’s vists r here.
here’s one:

this is what i look like when i’m working from home here and i’m not in bed working:

me on the creek (or crick, as we say back home):
i know! my hair’s getting long i dont know what to do w/ it. i cant get it cut by anyone but lindsey @ lovemore & do on e. 9th str.