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dragonmart is over-rated. and we visited jumeira public beach today.

dragonmart is on the outskirts of the city of dubai (as opposed to the emirate of dubai, which it is kind of floating in the middle of.)  its all cheap crap like in chinatown, but without the charm and good food and chinese culture of chinatown. … i think chinatown is the best part of nyc.

then we went to jumeira public beach. it was nice:

there were surfers. how cool:

then we came home. i did some werk.

then we went to the rupee room which is the closest indian restaurant to where i live. like my local thai place, the food is marginal and much more sweet and contains less fresh vegetables than at home. i also don’t know why they don’t use tamarind sauce as a condiment like at home? maybe that’s a cheese ball US thing to do?

then i came home and did some more work.

i am so annoyed. i was gonna go to some museums in sharjah tomorrow with my esteemed guest, maren,  but i was just asked to come in for a meeting tomorrow afternoon. whatevs.

(((i cant wait to get the f**k out of here.)))

o this weird guy walking up and down the beach totally made my day. keep it real, weird dude. never change.


i hope the US media isn’t sugar coating the sick shit going on in gaza

I hope the US media isn’t sugar coating this: 270614.html

SHAME on the israeli government. shame on you, israel govt. i know its not the ppl of israel doing this. i have israeli friends and they are nice smart cool ppl.

really now. this shit has to stop.

its sick. its almost worse than what the US does in iraq and pakistan and afghanistan etc.

oh yeah the US media is sugar coating it:

big surprise.

woman (or a man in a scarf?) in veil, triple-wrapped, @ xva gallery

this is either:

a) a woman, the subject of the photo within this photo, wrapped first by soceity in her veil, then second wrapped in the image of her as taken by The Other (the photographer). (wait. or is she The Other?)… then 3rd wrapped in bubblewrap by the art economy pimping images to us the lookers looking for authenticity.


b) a photo of a guy with his scarf over his mouth to keep sand from getting in it, wrapped in bubble wrap.

you wanted to know how to write ‘betty’ (no quotes) in arabic? here ya go:

i can has a friend visiting. maren!
we went to the bastikiya and bopped around nice art galleries and shops…

i bought 2 GORGEOUS afghani pillowcases (no photos cuz they dont do these things justice – they’re really nice). the afghani guy from selling them went to FIT (in nyc) and lived on orchard street for 8 years. he has a store in NYC on the LES which i think i’ve been to and one here in dubai. it was nice to chat w/ him. b4 i go back to the us i’ll buy a kilim or carpet from him here and he’ll have it shipped to the store there.

maren and i also had our names written in arabic calligraphy by a 72 yr old graphic designer who has a studio in the bastikiya. he’s been doing commercial graphic design for decades and has some of his commercial ad work on the walls. he also sells nice calligraphy framed. he was really nice.

we bopped around the textile souk, the cheap crap souk, took an abra to the spice souk, passed by the gold souk…

… then took taxi home. dumped our stuff then went to ibn batattu cuz we were gonna buy groceries for dinner. but we ended up eating there.

i also got some barrettes w/ rhinestones on them 🙂 i like things that sparkle and glitter.

Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah, Happy Festivus, Happy Al-Hijra

peace on earth, good will 2 ppl
i actually went to my 1st party here in dubai last nite, xmas eve, at a german ex-pat’s apt. as in ny, the ppl were from all over the world and were all smart ppl, mostly teachers from AUD (american univ dubai). we ate and drank a lot. i realllly need to get to the gym today after that.

I had a dream last nite that i visited indonesia


i’ve been wanting to check out bali.

H@ppy F3st1vus to @LL!