best dining experience i’ve had here yet

my only friend here inka turned me on to this awesome indian place across the street from where the fishing boats come in on jumeria beach where they sell only fish caught there and cooked only one way.

u choose which fish u want then they cook it for and its reallly good and cheap. u sit on plastic tables and chairs outside on the sand.

the BEST thing about it is that its run by and patronized by real ppl and real not generic boring mall ppl. its in an emiratii ‘hood so its not filled w/ cheeseball white ppl. thank allah for this lovely place. i must go back there.

there were some bored emiratii teens there and one was dressed as a faux-rastafarian in clothes he prolly got at a mall liek at the gap or something. they were amsuing, those teens. teens are awkward and amusing no matter where u r in the world i think.  the other patrons seemed to be all expat indians, most in suits, and 2 other white ppl and an expat asian guy w/ his family.

may have been the best dining experience i’ve had here yet.

i cant wait to get back to nyc.

i am getting bored here and a little depressed. but not real depressed. just the temporary kind cuz i;m bored and lonely.


3 responses to “best dining experience i’ve had here yet

  1. You need some friends to come over and visit.


  2. Make some friends. Be friends with friends of Inka. Go on some Dubai expat forums and go for a night of bridge. Or chess. Or checkers. Or something.

  3. i have 3 friends visiting in dec.

    yeah i should go to some expat events.

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