Daily Archives: November 14, 2008

went to old souks, tried to go to heritage village, then went to atlantis

went to gold souk, then spice souk, then took an abra across the creek to heritage village.
but, even tho time out dubai lists it as being open, it wasnt. so we had coffee on the creek.

then we took a cab to atlantis, gawked at the aquarium and had lunch.

atlantis is like disney meets las vegas.

the aquarium is a PETA project waiting to happen; it appears to contain an excessive amount of fish per gallon/liter than may be healthy for the fish. they are packed into it like sardines in a can. it has to be stressful for them which will translate into health and behavioral problems. or, who knows, i am a layperson so maybe they are all happy and healthy as clams. what do i know? i would like to discuss this with a credible marine biologist.

the whale shark in there makes me want to cry. i’ve read that whale sharks will not live for more than a few years in captivity, so they really need to let sammy the whale shark go b4 she kicks the bucket else they’ll have some nasty PR. intuition tells me that they will wait until after the official opening of the palm jumeirah in a few weeks to release her.