handsome arab newcaster boy on dubaiOne tv channel

a little googling reveals that his name is Tarek Hamouche. that’s all i know. (those eyes!)(and he’s even more handsome when he smiles.)
i like to watch the local news. (yes its in english)
he’s too young 4 me. prolly 20 yrs younger.
he’s really cute tho.

13 responses to “handsome arab newcaster boy on dubaiOne tv channel

  1. Were I gay, I might have found that attractive.

  2. I speak very very little Arabic. I can read it (because it is the language of the Quran) but i don’t understand anything and reading Arabic is much easier than understanding/speaking it.

    I do know what marhaba means though 😛

    Also, you are prolly younger than my parents. My parents look young for their age (my dad’s hitting 50!).

    Classes are good. Doing my undergraduate thesis currently. Apparently the molecule I am making can cure cancer. But then, what can’t?

    If you want, I can make a blog post about it sometime!

  3. a cure for cancer wow u must b smart.

    what kind of molecule r u designing? is it a modification of an organic or inorganic one? its all over my head but sounds fascinating.

  4. I’ll post abt it on my blog tomorrow 🙂

  5. Here I am browsing the web in bed and Ab is curing cancer! Dammit! Wait, that’s a good thing.

    That newscaster is the Arab Sam Champion.

  6. Tarek is a nice name. My friend from Lebanon has a friend named Tarek. He is super hot. No offence, but that guy doesn’t look that good to me.

  7. The only reason I watch is Emirate News on Dubai One is because of Tarek. 🙂

  8. This presenter’s name is actually Yunis Seif, not Tarek Hamouch.


  10. Mr Loverlover

    I want him soooo bad

  11. i wonder how tarek is… i wish he were a newscaster in the us so i could watch him.

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