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Protected: another bureaucratic annoyance. but, i saw an arab little person

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i can has melon milk

i love unusual things u find in other countries. … like melon milk with a pic of a cow on it even tho its just melon juice, sugar and water. (yes, kris, safe for vegans).
look a banner ad in arabic for m&m’s. (is this why they hate us?)

i video chat w/ mien le chat, mr. peepers, in new york

isn’t he cuuuute

today’s local news in nyc

both times i’ve been to beirut, ppl at home have said “be safe there!” … they really should say that to themselves when they walk out the door in the morning. when i was in beirut, the local news there was “omg it rained cats and dogs today”.

regardless, i miss the familiarity of my ‘hood. and i miss being able to walk out my apt building door and do errands on foot and walk to work. and, maybe most of all, decently-priced good restaurants. here in dubai its either icky take out or over priced marginal food. (except for vxa which was good).

i didnt think it was possible, but maybe being here will make me appreciate nyc.

o hai, neutral zone!

look i flied o’er a neutral zone very close to iraq.

i naively didn’t realize how close commercial flights fly to iraq.

whatevs. ppl do it every day.

am in beirut now. its more relaxing here than in dubai.

had the best time yesterday exploring old souks in bur dubai and deira then going to xva cafe/gallery in bastakyia

had an awesome time walking around the old souks in bur dubai, taking abra across the creek to the spice souk, then back. –> Photos here <–

went w/ inka my only friend here. she moved here @ same time time as me also from the east village in nyc.

after the souks we went to Bastakyia to this awesome cafe/art gallery, xva. i feel more at home in that place than any other place in dubai. the gallery spans a bunch of interconnected rooms and outdoor courtyards. and the arabic food at the cafe is the best i’ve had since i’ve been here.

i want these i want these i want these

i want these i want a set of fake diamond-encrusted office supplies! i like the white the best OK? christmas is coming. hint hint. and i want the whole set not just one piece. OK?