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ok i know its a kinda cheesy and crassly commercial… but damn i really want to do this (foto appropriated form another site):


what r the kids wearing here?

here’s a cute vid showing random youths here talking about what they wear. i dont think they’re all emiratiis tho. (note: i’ve been here 6 weeks and have yet to meet an emiratii).

the coolest part is the guy in the dishdasha saying his rule for fashion is “go gansta'”.

i suppose there aren’;t white ppl in this vid cuz most white ppl here are middle-aged and wear boring office clothes (or their school-aged children) and wouldnt b good subjects for fashion.

modern-traditional gulf wimminz fashion

check out these “traditional modern” gulf style dresses from this web site, Al Yashmac:

there are stores that have these, but i never see ppl wearing them. i guess they;re too fancy to wear to the office. maybe this is what the emiratii wimmin wear to parties?

“those who do not study the past, get an ‘exciting’ opportunity to repeat it” jon stewart. m scared.

will someone please lock G in a closet until january for the sake of the whole world? thank you.

Protected: thoughts on wimminz here and white liberal guilt.

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lovely delish baklavas (or is plural baklavii?)

at the grocery store there’s a lovely arabic red tent display w/ loads of a variety of fresh baklava and its ilk to choose from. so i gave in today (i try not to eat sweets cuz i;m watching my grrl-ish figure) and got some.

the remains:


and in the next foto, these are in all the grocery stores and i gave in today and bought some… they are like a cross between soft crumpets and not-too-sweet pancakes. they’re really good w/ anything. or plain. i have no idea if they are british or arab or lebanese or indian. i’m sure someone will email me correcting me:

the packaging says “qataif ajeen” which when googled returns nada. altho “ajeen” returns some results that include some lebanese pizza-like things, as well as some fotos of some fish.

are u all checking for flights now to come visit me so u can try these?!

early morning traffic leaving the marina…

why i don’t leave earlier than 9am.
no, its not moving at all. its stopped. for long periods of time.
there are 3 roads in and out of the marina and one is closed. the one that’s closest to me too. yeah!
o look a construction site and some buildings!
^^ thats the monorail thats bing built