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Protected: oops i damaged the rental car and got a ticket and fine and met a nice dubai popo officer

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i met an american and saw goats in the back of a truck

i met a friend from ny’s sister today. she moved here in june w/ her finacee. we went to the dubai sail club to inquire about joining and drove around and she showed me the main ‘hoods. it was nice to talk freely to someone. everyone i’ve been hangin w/ has been from the co i work for or the client.

i might take an arabic class.

i’ve talked to a few ppl now who have gone to nice beach resorts in oman on long weekends. its not all desert there allegedly. i need to find someone to go there with.

the 1st long weekend i get i’ll try to go to istanbul to see keren. that may b the end of sept.

ramadan starts on monday. its a big deal here. its really a noble and respectable holiday. like they fast during the day to empathize w/ those less fortunate/poorer than themselves, and they’re supposed to do more and give more to charity during this time. or something like that.  the fun part of ramadan, i hear, are the iftar meals – the meals that break the fast in the evening that are family gatherings. maybe i’ll get invited to an iftar in someone’s home.

look when i was driving around today there was a truck in front of me at a stop light with goats in the back. how cute!:

rooftop bar at arabian court one and only resort

last night went to the rooftop bar at arabian court one and only resort. was hot out but it was nice.

went out fer dinner last night

went to Inferno on the marina walk w/ 2 colleagues and someone from client’s office. it was decent food. they don’t servce vino 😦 but its ok. i need to get used to not having vino w/ every dinner. plus maybe i’ll lose weight.

a sister of a friend in nyc lives here and she emailed me so i will try to meet up w/ her soon.

this weekend i want to do some tourist things. 😀

i am fascinated by the chain stores here that i associate w/ cheesy american culture

is this why they hate us? why do they bring such crass things here? why? why? i want to get away from such things…

went to another mall after work, then got lost on way home

went to the ibn battuta mall after work. had dinner there too. cheap pad thai. only $6. not bad. there were 3 starbucks in the mall. it was all ornate for a mall. i still need to get a cell phone for here.

only the main roads are marked well. everything else needs street signs. got lost in my ‘hood, the marina, on the way home and ended up on a construction site. i bet that’s a very dubai thing to do. i was laughing at myself. i was trying to get home by looking for that building under construction next to my building. what a stupid idea. there are a bazillion skyscrapers under construction here. i eventually found my way home. 🙂

the cable tv in my bedroom isn’t working. must remember to tell them to fix it while i am out tomorrow.

have an 8am meeting tomorrow. (!!) wtf that’s pretty early. no one would ever do that in nyc. and if they tried the invited attendees would laugh at them.

i still don’t want to go back to nyc. its icky. its loud and dirty and expensive and annoying and uncivilized. but i’m not gonna live here forever. where is the world is a happy medium? i don;t mind how its really hot here. i rather like it. where where where?

first day at work, and i saw 2 camels on the beach

i won’t go on about details of work here cuz its not ethical and really it would b boring to anyone but my colleagues.

after werk we (marwa and i) went to a japanese restaurant in the JBR, jeremiah beach residences, buildings. there are many hotels near there too like the hilton and ritz carlton. and a very mall-like atmosphere. most of the retail is still under construction (like most of dubai).

highlight of the day: we parked near the beach and in the distance i saw 2 camels! how f’in cool! maybe they were for the benefit of the tourists but i was still amused. sorry no fotos i only had my iphone w/ me and i know they were too far in the distance to look interesting in a foto.

when its not so hot i can walk there from where i am staying.

i have a lot of work to do tomorrow. and in the coming months. 😐